"The  Wildlife Gardener completely transformed my front yard  into a  magnificent, natural, pollinator garden after we moved into our home in  May of 2014. It was truly AMAZING!  I asked Josh and Dustin to do what  they thought was best and they totally outdid themselves. I could not  have come up with a more beautiful plan on my own. They created winding  stone paths, picked exactly the right plantings, and even built a wooden  lattice work piece to hide an old flagpost that couldn't be dug out.  The following year the plants and flowers were over 7 feet tall and had  spread to cover all empty spaces.  My friends and family cannot believe  how lovely it is. We love it!"   

M - Sea Isle CIty


 "The  Wildlife Gardener was a vital partner in a project to demonstrate the  use of native plantings for the Borough of Stone Harbor. As Chair of the  Stone Harbor Property Owners Beach and Bay Committee, I retained Josh  Nemeth of the Wildlife Gardener to design and install a garden in the  town square which utilized water conservation techniques and a diverse  selection of plantings native to the Jersey Shore. The Wildlife  Gardener’s staff was knowledgeable, prompt and easy to work with. Their  use of native plantings was first rate and added to the Borough’s  overall landscaping while providing a resource for educating its  residents. I would recommend the Wildlife Gardener to anyone that has a  landscaping need---whether large or small."   

WB -- Chair, Beach and Bay Committee, SHP


 "When  I had a vision for the native garden of my dreams, The Wildlife  Gardener was my go to guy!  Josh created an artistic stepping-stone  garden path that was exactly as I had imagined.  Josh and Dustin were  both very knowledgeable and patient and helped me select the plants best  suited for my garden environment.  The results were beautiful and  irresistible to countless butterflies, bees, and birds. These guys are  reliable, fun to work with and passionate about their work. 5 stars!!"    

D - Middle Township


 "We’re  happy we found Josh “the wildlife gardener” and highly recommend him to  anyone wanting to make their landscape more natural, beautiful and  wildlife friendly. Working with a mere hint from us (“make a circle  garden and some shady meadows”), he used his extensive knowledge of  landscape design and native plants to transform our ordinary lawn into a  colorful habitat that birds, bees, and butterflies love – and we love  it too!"

E & C -- Cape May