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Virginia Cup plant

Features over 300 species of wildlife-friendly plants, including many native to our area.

To make your own Plant List:

  1. Sort by 'Common Name' or 'Scientific name' (default).  To sort by a column, click on the arrow on the right hand side of the cell you would like to sort by, and choose 'Sort Ascending' to sort from A to Z. 
  2. Click on any cell on the list you would like to edit.  For example, to add Yarrow to your list, click on the cell in the 'My List' column next to Yarrow and type 'x'.  
  3. Sort your list.  Click on the arrow to the right of 'My List' and select 'Sort Ascending' to group together all of the plants you've checked off. 
  4. Save or print your list.  If you would like, you can copy and paste your list into another file such as a blank Word document to save it or print it out.  

Plant list